PUBLISHED ON: 30 November 2023


The 2023 Weld Australia’s Excellence Awards shone a spotlight on the best and brightest local professionals, welders, fabricators and industry educators, with Shadbolt Group securing the coveted Project of the Year Award.

Shadbolt Group, a Weld Australia member, was further recognized through individual triumphs at both the Victorian and Western Australian awards ceremonies.

Shadbolt Group won the following awards:

Weld Australia Awards 2023 – Victoria & Tasmania

  • 2023 Project of the Year Award – Thermal Oxidiser Project – Shadbolt Group
  • 2023 Company of the Year – Fabrication – Runners-up – Shadbolt Group
  • 2023 Trades Person of the Year – Runners-up – Farokh Banihashemi, Welder
  • 2023 Welding Supervisor of the Year – Highly Commended Award – Greg Humphrey, Workshop Manager

Weld Australia Awards 2023 – Western Australia

  • 2023 Welding Professional of the Year – Welding Coordinator – Ravin Wijeyaratna, Responsible Welding Coordinator/Welding Engineer
  • 2023 Trades Person of the Year – David Rodgers, Leading Hand

Their Thermal Oxidizer Project, a towering 18-metre structure, stood as a testament to Shadbolt’s meticulous craftsmanship and innovative approach. Shadbolt Group’s environmentally responsible air pollution management system treats dangerous waste vapors and liquids through combustion, protecting the environment and public health.

The team’s expertise shone through as they supplied everything needed for the Oxidiser’s main section from conception to execution: materials, skilled labor, fabrication, welding, testing, and even installation. Their dedication to quality runs deep, evident in their AS/NZS ISO 3834 certification and proven track record in high-profile projects across diverse industries like defense, mining, and energy.

But Shadbolt’s accolades didn’t stop there. In a display of individual expertise, Ravin Wijeyaratna, Shadbolt’s Responsible Welding Coordinator and Welding Engineer, emerged as the 2023 Welding Professional of the Year – Welding Coordinator, having demonstrated his dedication to technical proficiency and leadership.

The success continued westward, with David Rodgers, Shadbolt’s Leading Hand, claiming the title of 2023 Trades Person of the Year at the Western Australian awards. His expertise and unwavering commitment to quality set him apart, further highlighting the depth of talent within the Shadbolt team.

John Gradev, Shadbolt Group's Project Development Manager, accepted the Company of the Year award.
John Gradev (left), Shadbolt Group’s Project Development Manager, accepted the Project of the Year award.

Beyond individual brilliance, Shadbolt Group was also named runner-up in the 2023 Fabrication Company of the Year category, a testament to their comprehensive capabilities and consistent delivery of exceptional work. Farokh Banihashemi, a skilled welder, was recognized as runner-up in the 2023 Trades Person of the Year category, his talent adding another feather to Shadbolt’s cap. Finally, Greg Humphrey, their Workshop Manager, received a well-deserved Highly Commended Award in the 2023 Welding Supervisor of the Year category.

A Team Defined by Passion, Innovation, and Quality

At the heart of Shadbolt Group’s success lies their people. Since the 1980s, Shadbolt Group has steadily transformed from a general engineering and maintenance workshop into a highly professional heavy steel fabrication and installation organisation. Their unwavering commitment to quality and a skilled workforce make them a trusted partner for tackling even the most demanding projects. By the 90s, they’d included heavy steel fabrication and installation, transforming into a powerhouse of engineering solutions, fueled by the latest tech and the best talent.

At present, Shadbolt Group is equipped with cutting-edge welding technologies and a diverse library of weld procedures. Approximate 200+ highly trained specialists can handle any material, from mild steel to complex alloys.

The accolades received at the Weld Australia Awards validates the team’s passion for welding excellence, innovative spirit, and commitment to quality.