Welding Experts in Australia.

Custom Welding and Fabrication

When it comes to top-tier fabrication standards, Shadbolt Group emerges as your premier choice, particularly for custom welding and fabrication. Our extensive skill set encompasses design drafting, fabrication, and on-site installation, equipping us to excel in projects of varying complexities – from customized endeavors to large-scale ventures.

Our expertise extends to demanding tasks such as hot work for piping and structural projects, where maintaining consistent top-tier performance is crucial. Whether it’s the precise production and installation of stainless steel tanks and pipe systems for sewage upgrades or other welding procedures and custom metal fabrication needs, superior results are our hallmark. Trust Shadbolt Group, where our seasoned professionals are committed to ensuring the success of your projects.

We have vast knowledge and experience in welding procedures.

Shadbolt Group has earned its reputation as a leader in surpassing client expectations through over thirty years of diverse fabrication projects, especially in custom welding and fabrication. Our broad portfolio features numerous boat stainless steel fabrication projects, highlighting our unwavering commitment to excellence. What distinguishes us is our profound expertise acquired from extensive involvement across various industry sectors.

Our trade capability is unrivalled, covering:

  • Defence
  • Energy, Oil & Gas
  • Feed & Biofuel
  • Food & Beverage and Pharmaceuticals
  • Mining & Resources
  • Automotive
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Maritime
  • Furnaces & Combustion

Our vast industry experience underscores our ability to reliably provide tailored solutions for each client. At Shadbolt Group, we are committed to delivering top-notch services in innovative design and drafting, engineering and fabrication excellence, and meticulous quality assurance. This commitment is supported by our distinct “Can Do” mindset and unwavering determination to complete all projects accurately, within specified timelines, and within budget limits. This ethos lies at the core of Shadbolt’s philosophy.

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