Ship building.

Australian Navy Ship Building: Shadbolt Group, Your Trusted Partner

With over 40 years of trusted expertise, Shadbolt Group is proud to be a key player in Australian Navy ship building, delivering world-class engineering, support, and maintenance services for Defence and various industries. Our award-winning workforce includes engineers, maritime electricians, and welders who are recognised specialists in certified welding and fabrication supported by operations built on world-class standards.

Since our humble Melbourne beginnings as Shadbolt Engineering, we’ve grown to 5 locations, including Henderson’s shipbuilding and Garden Island’s ship sustainment for the Royal Australian Navy.

Shadbolt Group is honoured to be an engineering partner that contributes to Australian navy shipbuilding projects that meet its rigorous and uncompromising standards of excellence.

Our Naval Ship building & Sustainment Capabilities

Shadbolt Group’s capabilities extend beyond initial construction. We provide comprehensive solutions throughout the vessel’s lifespan, including:

  • Hot Work & Fit-Out: Expert modifications and additions for enhanced functionality.
  • Ship Repair: Prompt and reliable repairs to keep your fleet operational.
  • Mechanical Work: Engine, steering, and other internal system maintenance and upgrades.
  • Onboard & On-Site Installation & Maintenance: From equipment fitting to electrical and plumbing services, we handle it all.

Why Choose Shadbolt Group?

  • Proven Defence (Navy) Acquisition & Sustainment Experience: Trusted partner on projects like the SEA 1180 OPV Offshore Patrol Vessel, ensuring seamless integration into existing programs.
  • Defence (Navy) Acquisition and Sustainment Experience
  • Australian Government Security Cleared Workforce
  • Turn Key Management of Manufacturing Solutions
  • Full Traceability and Quality Assurance
  • Proven Supply Chain Capability
  • Quick Response Times and Strong Willingness to Collaborate
  • Committed to Best In Class Safety, Employee Wellbeing, and Workforce Development

Shadbolt Group is more than just an Australian Navy ship builder. We’re your trusted partner, dedicated to the integrity and operational excellence of Australia’s naval fleet.

Contact us today to discuss your Australian Navy ship building needs and explore how Shadbolt Group can contribute to your mission.

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